Advocating for our Neighbors with Experience, Compassion, and Integrity

RYANNE S. Mathisen

Ryanne brings a personal touch to her practice of law and is committed to helping her clients navigate complex legal issues while also being mindful of her client’s needs and desires.

Before joining the Galloway Law Group, Ryanne clerked for Justice Charles Johnson of the Washington State Supreme Court. During her time as a clerk, Ryanne worked closely with Justice Johnson on matters before the court. Ryanne also worked as a Judicial Operations Assistant at Snohomish County Superior Court before attending law school. As a result, Ryanne is able to draw on her experience working in both trial and appellate courts when crafting creative solutions to difficult problems.

Ryanne graduated summa cum laude, and in the top 4% of her class, from Seattle University School of Law. During law school, Ryanne was a lead article editor for the Seattle University Law Review, a regional competitor in two moot court competitions, and received the highest grade in seven of her classes. She also interned with the Fred T. Korematsu Center for Equal Justice and spent a summer as a law clerk at a firm focusing on employment law. Before law school, Ryanne spent time working in a wide variety of industries, including building materials, construction, corrections, retail, and real estate. Ryanne also trained and volunteered as a mediator for the Volunteers of America Western Washington Dispute Resolution Center, serving as a mediator in over a dozen cases. Ryanne’s broad base of experience allows her to better understand her clients and help them reach their goals.

Ryanne co-authored, with Peter Smirniotopoulos, DAVID v. GOLIATH: How the Replacement of a Commercial Real Estate Agent's Common Law Duty of Undivided Loyalty with Washington State's More-Limited Statutory Obligations Advantages Landlords to the Detriment of Commercial Tenants, 43 SEATTLE U. L. REV. 169 (2019). In 2019, Ryanne participated in a symposium held in connection with “Innovating the Built Environment: How the Law Responds to Disruptive Change,” a course taught by Professor Peter Smirniotopoulos and offered in connection with Seattle University’s Summer Institute for Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (SITIE). Ryanne was a featured speaker at this year’s “Innovating the Built Environment” SITIE symposium in June.

Ryanne practices across many disciplines and is a self-described generalist. Some of her practice areas include Real Estate, Land Use and Zoning, Boundary Disputes, Civil Rights, Consumer Protection, Administrative Law, Employment Law, Contracts, Estate Planning, Appeals, Litigation, and LGBTQ+ Law.

When not practicing law, Ryanne enjoys spending her time with her children, playing games of all kinds, and settling in with a good book.